I’m really proud to announce that my latest project has now officially been released into the wild at www.seethedifference.org!

See the difference - home page

Some of my recent posts around Windows Azure have referred to this project and it will now be the subject of some upcoming posts too.

This was a great project from a technical perspective:

  • It was the first *full* cloud solution that we have built/delivered at EMC Consulting – fully running on the Windows Azure platform, using Web Roles, Worker Roles, Azure Storage and SQL Azure
  • The total build time was 7 weeks due to properly re-using IP, patterns and practices from previous projects

A publicity perspective:

  • Members of the team have presented at least 5 Microsoft conferences, events and user groups about the project

And the non-tangible feel good perspective:

  • We helped a new UK charity startup launch their business by making it financially and technically possible
  • We contributed to something that will hopefully make a difference to a large number of good causes

Please check out the site, promote it, and if you’re feeling generous make a donation!!