I’ve been pretty quiet recently on the blogging, twitter, community, Sharp Architecture, Who Can Help? front – for a month or two (or three) at least. Those that know me will know why but for those that don’t, I made the decision to leave EMC Consulting a couple of months ago. It was a hard decision as my time at Conchango/EMC had been the best years of my career and I met many great people who have influenced and helped me tremendously, not to mention some life-long friends. I hope those people know who they are. The majority of the content of this blog has come out of projects that I’ve directly worked on at EMC, or from offshoot community projects that I’ve worked on with former colleagues.

But, enough of the past. As well as leaving EMC, my wife and I decided to leave London and, in fact, the UK. I’m really pleased to say that I have just joined another awesome consultancy – Infusion – and have relocated to their office in Dubai, UAE. This is obviously a big step – new job, new company, new country – hence why everything else has taken a back seat whilst we re-organise our lives!

I’ve been at Infusion for a week now and it’s starting to feel normal (although Dubai is going to take a bit longer to get used to!). As with any consultancy, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be working on just yet, but there’s talk of exciting WPF and Surface projects, and conversations are being had about Azure so I’m pretty keen to get my teeth stuck into something big.

As time goes on, this should start to fuel more topics of discussion on this blog, but in the meantime hopefully a normal service will resume with everything else. And, I should now finally be able to get around to contributing properly to Sharp Architecture after Alec so kindly asked me to join the team.